Museum Mobile

Museum Mobile is a collective project coordinated by Andŕes Belfanti. Consist in a virtual museum, working through a portable device that broadcast an open WiFi network. With this device the performers can intervene museums and public places, install an alternative and critic form of exposition and visibilization of artworks. When someone access to the network is redirected to the webpage of Museum Mobile, that contains a exhibition with the works of digital artists of Córdoba, curated by other colleague artist.
The device has a microprocessor that incorporates a WiFi antenna. It covers a range of approximately 50 meters. All the contents of the page are stored in a microSD unit attached to the board. The net functions are visualised in a tinny LED screen. The device runs with two rechargeable batteries and has got twelve hs of autonomy. All this components were hand assembled and protected by a 3d printed case.
The idea of this project is to Hack culture, art and reality. The traditional arts maintain an old dualist concept of the world. There is only one original and is kept safe in the hands of institutions, who define what is art and what doesn't. On the other hand us (as digital artist) produce and spread our works in the network, where there isn't original or copy. We remix, copy, mash, glitch, destroy and recreate every day. Against the sacred, old, one of a kind, original works, we offer new, fresh, open and ready-to-download works.

First part of the project. During January and February this work was travelling through museums of Spain, France and Italy. Some of the places are:
- Museo del Prado – Madrid
- Museo Reina Sofía – Madrid
-Sagrada Familia – Barcelona
-Louvre – París
-Galeri Uffizi – Florencia